Sunday, April 25, 2010


  • 6:45 both kids are awake.  I nurse Jasper.  They both play in bed with us til about 8.
  • Sage goes to do crafts and Geoff puts Jasper in his highchair so he can be at the table with her.  Comes back to bed.
  • We both sleep til 8:45.  Geoff gets up and feeds Jasper breakfast.
  • Jasper goes down for a nap at 9am and I get up! IMG_2177
  • Have coffee and leftover pizza.  Yum. IMG_2152
  • Hang out in living room. IMG_2157 IMG_2159
  • 10:30 Wake Jasper up and leave for eye exam. IMG_2163
  • Get glaucoma test done so have extremely blurry vision for a while after this.  Have to nurse Jasper in waiting room. DSCF7422
  • Burger King for lunch.  Yum again.  I love Whoppers. DSCF7424
  • Go to the Mom2Mom Family Expo.  Sage gets her face painted, a bag of candy and I buy her a red tutu.  So cute.
  • Back home.  Nap for me and then for Daddy.
  • Hang out on couch.  I am still so tired.
  • Jasper goes down for a nap and I go to Zehr’s.  Going to have Geoff’s homemade hamburgers for dinner tonight and need buns.
  • Grab a drink and head upstairs for some internet time.  Rainy and cool out…such a blah day.
  • Try chatting with Roz on msn.  Stupid satellite internet doesn’t work when it’s rainy or windy or snowy or too sunny or too mild.  Ha.
  • Sage goes outside to play in the rain. Geoff models her new fireman hat for me and his construction suspenders.
  • Jasper wakes up.  Geoff feeds him dinner.
  • Internet working again!  More chatting with Roz.
  • Geoff and Sage go outside to play and make dinner.DSCF7431 DSCF7445
  • I watch the rest of Fringe.  Nurse Jasper.
  • Have dinner.
  • Geoff and Sage go to Shopper’s.
  • Jasper goes into the Jumperoo.  I try to text Paula.  Jasper freaks out.
  • Bring him into the bedroom with me to play on the bed while I fold laundry.
  • Off to bed for Jasper.
  • Geoff and Sage back.  Sage finishes her dinner.
  • Playtime.
  • Bathtime
  • More playtime.  Makes the butterfly craft she got at the Expo. Has some organic cheesies!
  • Let her stay up til 8:30
  • Geoff and I watch a movie..I go to bed halfway through.

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