Friday, January 7, 2011

Project Life Organization

Today I had an epiphany and forced myself to stop over-thinking my Project Life album.

My original plan was to grab an appropriate journaling card out of the box each day that would coordinate with my picture and the thoughts I wanted to get down.  But come good as that sounds because I do love to be all matchy-matchy...I know that there are going to be times when the box isn't handy and I put off doing it.  So...when Jasper went down for his morning nap (or should I say non-nap) I laid out all the cards on the floor and went to town on getting them in my album.

Here's the order I laid them out in.  The first 2 rows are all the cards that have lots of room for journaling, the third row are calendar or date based cards and the last row are all the cards that have lots of pre-printed verbage on them.  I started in the top left corner and went down in rows grabbing one of each card.  Put them all in the album and Voila!  In under 20 minutes my album is well under way.

I know that there are going to be dates when what I want to journal about isn't going to match the card.  That's ok.  It's super simple to just switch out the card for another one that's already in the album.  And no having to pull out the 5 separate boxes of cards to search for an appropriate one.

I'm happy with the start that I am off to.  Love the way my album is looking and all the little details that in these first few days I have already captured.

I have missed scrapbooking like crazy these last 6 months.  Though I wouldn't really call PL scrapbooking, it's fulfilling my need to play with pictures and pretty paper for now!


  1. looking great, I'm creating my own and still get too get to it!

  2. Looking good, sometimes you just have to DO IT.
    I have a problem with overthinking. So much so that I have tried to do this 2 years on my own. I took pics everyday, journaled on 3 ring binder paper, but have yet to put anything in an album.
    Well here is to year #3.

  3. Love it! You are making me want to get Project Life! I am on the fence but I haven't taken the plunge just yet....:)

  4. I did the same thing with Becky's first kit. Just loaded it all up right from the start. I moved things around a little when I needed to, had time to or added one of the folded cards for more journaling. It really will save you time as you go along. Yours looks great. Have fun with your Project Life this year!


  5. Love it... Looks like your well on your way to a great project 2011..

    thanks for sharing.

    Elisa K