Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

And it has begun!

A quick photo Geoff snapped of me late at night with horrible lighting and a frightening background cause I was dying to open that box!

It's been going great so far..ha...4 days in.  Whoop dee doo.  But seriously, taking photos and writing some quick notes about my day has long been a part of my routine anyways.  Taking a photo a day will probably be challenging during some phases of our year but I just have to be that much more conscious of having my camera around.

I am most excited about incorporating other elements into my album.  Reports and school work that come home with Sage, lists I make throughout the day, tickets and mementos from events we go to...all the stuff besides just the pictures that give a glimpse into our daily life.  All the things that I hang onto already because I want to do something with them but never get around to.

I've had one problem after another with my PC for the last year so we finally bit the bullet and ordered a Mac.  It came in late last week and I just love it.  The learning curve has been ridiculous though...I could rock a PC like no other but when it comes to figuring out the simplest actions on a Mac I am relying on Google.  Not being able to right click is driving me a bit insane but the gorgeousness of this machine sitting on my desk makes me smile.

So begins the first photo of my year.

Now to figure out iPhoto.  Any thoughts?  Is it worth playing with or should I stick with my conventional method of using folders that I've done for years?

Here are some great resources that I believe I will be relying on over the course of the year:

Project Life Community at Big Picture Classes
Following Ali Edwards as she hopefully posts updates on her album
Of course following Becky's blog
This fabulous list from Creating Keepsakes for when I'm stuck for photo ideas

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  1. I found your blog through the mom creative, and just wanted to let you know that you can right click with the Mac. We got the same computer a couple months ago, and that was one of my fears, but my husband showed me how to fix it. If you go to system preferences in the dock at the bottom, then click on mouse there is line that says secondary click with a box next to hit, check mark the box, and then click the word right in the drop down menu. I hope that helps.