Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embrace the Camera Thursday

We were actually ready for the meeting early last Sunday so I had Geoff snap a picture of me with the kids before we left.  And about 5 minutes after this was taken my necklace fell apart.  I’m so upset…I’ve only worn it 3 times!!

I realized that I’m a few days late with Jasper’s 15 month update.  Here’s what he’s been into lately.

Throws all of his toys out of his play area.  All the time.
Licks the hinges on the outside door.  All the time.
Still loves the Duplo Lego.  Can fit pieces together now.
Never stops eating.  If he can see food he yells until he gets a piece.
Loves having stories read to him.  Hands me a book when I’m sitting on the floor with him and turns around and backs his bum onto my lap.
Starting to sing into Sage’s Hannah Montana microphone.
Still sleeps from 6pm to 7am.
Likes to be chased.
Runs like crazy in the opposite direction when he sees me coming to wipe his nose.
Desperately wants to try what is in our coffee cups!
Says Sage!
Loves playing in his crib.  Never wants to get out when he wakes up from his naps.  So I sit on the floor and we throw toys at each other for a bit.
Loves watching Handy Manny when Sage gets home from school.
Is a homebody.  Gets very out of sorts when we go away overnight or over to friends houses for a meal.
Loves dancing.
Sticks his finger up his nose when we ask him where it is.
Is getting better at giving kisses.  Is a stubborn little bugger.
Waves bye when he feels like it.


  1. You all look so cute all dressed up.

  2. Your son is a little doll!! Fun pics

  3. Great photo! They grow up so fast, don't they?

  4. I can't decide if I love the image or just the entire post...such a cute 15 month list. 'Hands me a book when I’m sitting on the floor with him and turns around and backs his bum onto my lap.'...this is sooo adorable! :)

  5. look at that sweet boy's outfit! too cute. xoxo.

  6. Such a nice picture of you and your little ones.