Monday, November 22, 2010

The Lego Motherlode

Our family has developed a huge interest in Lego over the last year or so.  I could say it’s just Sage but who am I kidding…Geoff and I get just as excited about new sets as she does.

We went to the Lego store in Somerset Mall on Saturday afternoon and picked up a new Creator house called Log Cabin Cottage

Super cute and a great price.  So Sunday afternoon Sage sat at the dining room table and put it together all on her own.  Maybe she’ll be an architect and build us a glass and steel home to retire in.  I can dream.

Geoff was sitting with her surfing kijiji on his netbook.  He found a just listed ad for tons and tons of Lego.  He made me call the number listed and when he found out we could go over right away he made us jump in the car quicker than we ever had before! 

The boy who the collection belonged to was now almost out of his teens and selling off everything…he was obviously some sort of Lego genius.  Cruise lines would pay him to build to-scale models of their ships to have on display.  His collection was unbelievable.  We ended up coming home with Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, Market Street, Service Station, Mail Van, 14 road and base plates and 2 huge bags full of trees and animals and people related accessories all for about what we would have paid retail for Green Grocer.

I am so tempted to go back and buy some more bags of random building pieces…and Geoff would love to buy the complete train setup that was there as well.  But I think we’ll refrain…as it is I’m pretty sure I’ve just lost my dining room table to becoming a base for a city setup!

Ali had a great post last week about her storage system for Lego’s.  I’m going to have to steal a few of these ideas as our collection seems to be taking on a life of it’s own.

We’ve started buying the plastic boxes that our local Lego store sells.  They’re not on the Lego website anywhere which they really should be cause they work great.  For $10 they each come with an extra green baseplate which is a great value because each baseplate on it’s own is $5.  The goal is to eventually have as many of the boxes as we have sets and then the instructions and extra pieces for each set will be stored in each box.  If we ever decide to break a set apart than it can go back into the box as well.

So now the work begins…we’re going to break apart each set and rebuild them ourselves!


  1. Wow! Great deals! The Main Street scene reminds me of the downtown in the Magic Kingdom.

  2. My girls loved legos. Hubby would jump at the chance to get them some. Once he bought them the Haunted castle. "He" put it together, He took it over actually. Then would supervise the girls play so they wouldn't wreck it LOL.

  3. my little one is just getting into legos right now. he loves the city line. we are making the gas tanker right now!

  4. My kids love the Bionicles (they are boys). We scored 2 serlite bins full of them from a 10th grader for $100 last year! Best investment EVER! If you can get more, I would. Those houses are fabulous BTW!