Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I came across this light fixture a few days ago and I knew instantly that I had to have it too.

I’m pretty sure she got her inspiration from a light that I just saw on an episode of 9 by Design. 
The DIY version couldn’t be simpler to make (though incredibly time consuming).  It’s made up of a round paper lantern like the ones Ikea sells by the thousands and then paper coffee filters are hot glued onto it.
Can’t wait for our next trip to Ikea so that I can pick up one of these for myself and get started!


  1. looks like a fun light. Love to see yours when you are done.

  2. This post totally reminded me that I need to make pom poms for my dd Halloween party..ACK..I need to get busy! Love the light, and yes, please share when you get yours done!!

  3. How fun this would be!! Can't wait to see your finished light! Keep us posted!