Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Jasper is 14 months.  Here’s a review of what month 13 was like for us!

Playing peek-a-boo.  He hides behind a chair and pops his head out and I have to say peekaboo…over and over and over.  Or he hides behind me when I’m sitting on the floor and I have to pretend I can’t find him.
The Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks and Incrediblock that were Sage’s.
The radio on the FP Laugh and Learn home.  Pushes the button for the music to play again as soon as it stops.
Sage’s tiny lego’s.  He stands at the barricade keeping him away and tries desperately to get out.

Head bumps! Leans in for a forehead bonk all the time.
Taking better naps now.  Up to almost 2 hours in the morning.  Still sleeping from 6pm to 7am at night.
Puffs out his chest when we tell him to stretch.
Had his first cold.  The runny nose may never stop!

Puts one foot on the carpet and the other foot on the laminate and tries to do the splits.
Walks!  Almost manages to run when he sees me coming with a kleenex to wipe his nose.
Favourite game is to put a small toy in his toy cup and shake it til the toy flies out.  Bursts out laughing everytime.

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