Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Months Late

Well I'm 2 months late on this but here is my update on Jasper at age 1!


Potato Heads
Duplo Lego
Anything Sage has
Being cuddled
Vanilla soy milk
Food - any and all.  Bring it on
Paul Frank pillow in his crib
Car rides
Being outside...but not touching the grass!
Putting things in his mouth
Off to London, off to Lynn, off to Salem and we all fall in
Escaping from the playroom
Looking out the window


Being left alone.  Unless it's in bed...put him in there and he's happy as can be

I love the way that he pulls himself up to my chair and leans his soft little cheek on my leg.  Which he always follows up my licking my knee and laughing cause he thinks he's hilarious.

I love how he licks his finger and then rubs in on Daddy.  It's like he's marking his territory.

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