Thursday, September 30, 2010

Insurance Woes

4 Months after the storm.  The house is still standing and our contents have been removed but not processed yet.

We had thought all along that the quote was too low from the contractor that our adjuster had decided was going to build our new house.  I mentioned this to our adjuster who said that it was accurate and if i didn't like it than we should take out a bigger mortgage, give the money to the contractor and get him to build us a bigger house.  I responded by telling the adjuster that I wanted to see the detailed quotes from all 4 contractors that he had submit quotes.

So i finally get receive those on Monday.  Our adjuster says that he does not have a computer, a printer, email or internet access.  If this is true and our insurance company never provided him with those I am in complete shock.  This is 2010…not the dark ages!

As I was reviewing them I realized that all of them had forgotten to include the square footage of our upstairs!

So I called the adjuster to tell him this but his voicemail says he's on vacation...not such a big deal until you consider that this is the 4th time this month he's been on vacation!

I had the phone number for his boss and called him to say how disappointed we are in the level of service provided by his company.  I also want to get some resolution on how on earth and entire floor could have been missed by 4 contractors!

His boss is so rude to me on the phone before I've even explained why I'm calling that i burst into tears and sobbed the whole way through our conversation.  He gets nicer after I start crying.  I should have thought of this months ago!

It eventually comes down to him telling me to put all my concerns in writing and go over it with the contractor.  I did this and sent him an email yesterday.  I personally think that the email is very polite and even says that we don't blame him for this oversight but instead the contracting company that did the original scope of work but we would like the quote revised. 

He never replies but instead calls me at 7:30am today saying that he wants to meet me at our house at 10am.  Knows full well that I don't have a car and can't do this.  So I get Geoff to call him back and arrange to get him the key.  When the contractor shows up at Geoff's shop to pick it up he won't even speak to him...sticks out his hand for the key and leaves.  Does the same thing when he returns it.  Hands it to the guy in the passenger seat of his truck who throws it in Geoff’s hand and speeds off.  And I still have to suck up to him because he is in possession of all of our contents and we want them all to be written off because they sat for 3.5 months in a house that was full of black mold.

I still haven't started drinking before dinner time which I think shows an amazing amount of restraint.
In other news I’ve spent the last 3 days re-building Sage’s Lego city.  Pics coming soon!

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  1. I am so sorry you are going through this! My fingers are crossed that it will all work out!!