Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3.5 Months Later

Well the quote is in from our insurance company to rebuild our house.  And it's bad.  Really bad.  We have the best type of policy that there is to have - Guaranteed Replacement Cost.  Means that they at least have to build for us exactly what we had before.  But with what the quote came in at, which we then have to subtract 13% taxes off of and the 20% overhead fee from their preferred contractor we are left with not enough money to even get us back to what we had before.  So today we are confused and anxious and exhausted because we both laid awake most of the night.

We're going to meet with the restoration company tonight to see what he can come up with but I don't have high hopes.  They don't have a good reputation in the industry around here and we are adament that we don't end up with a cheaply built knocked together builder quality house.

So I guess my dreams of a house that looks like this are probably out the window.  :(

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