Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning

  • 2:30am Jasper coughs.  Wakes me up and I’m up for at least an hour.IMG_1817
  • 6:30am Alarm goes off.  Jasper has been up and moving around in his bassinet for at least an hour so I nurse him.  Get dressed to take Geoff to work today so I can have the car.IMG_1824
  • Sage is wearing a dress over pants and a shrug on top.  The thought she puts into her outfits lately is too funny.
  • Text from Paula.  Wants to know if I can PVR American Idol for them.IMG_1832
  • 7am Leave.  In the car Sage says “I can’t believe Mom can make pancakes.  She’s excellent at it.  She thought she would suck.”IMG_1835 IMG_1834
  • Into town first to get McDonald’s coffee.  Drive to shop.
  • 7:50 Get to No Frills.  Not open yet.  Wait in car for 10 mins.  Take dashboard shots of me pretending to drive.
  • IMG_1844PC Organics baby food is on sale so I stock up.
  • Back home.  Check tv for AI.  Text Paula that it’s ok.  Tidy house up.  Toys are everywhere!!
  • Jasper is awake (had fallen asleep in the carseat).  Eats 2 jars of baby food.  Is fussy.
  • Load dishwasher.  Hold baby.
  • Upstairs to look at blogs.  Get text from Paula.  Wants to go shopping.
  • IMG_184710:30 Pick up Paula.  Drive into Leamington to the health food store, Superstore (great deal on laundry detergent so I buy 4).  Adult conversation!  With someone who’s not Geoff!  I almost don’t remember how.
  • IMG_1849 LCBO – pick up our 2 new favourite wines.  Drop Paula off at home.
  • Nurse Jasper.  Talk to Geoff on phone.  Needs to get his passport ASAP.
  • Lunch for me and Sage.  Jasper plays on floor.
  • Diet coke with Lime and blogs for me.  Sage outside to play.
  • Jasper needs attention again.  Wipe his runny nose.  Neighbours probably think that I’m trying to kill him.
  • Jasper eats lunch.
  • Bring him upstairs to the bedroom to play and look at himself in the mirror.  Sage back inside and wants to play too.

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