Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Put more boxes of clothes back in storage.  Make list of what Jasper does and does not need in size 12-18 months.  I love shopping the BabyGap sale racks ahead of time!  List goes into wallet.
  • 2:15 Jasper up.  Not a good enough nap.  Buzzer from washing machine woke him up.
  • Chicken is thawed.  Mix up marinade and put into fridge.
  • Go get Jasper.  Love his big smile when I come into the room.
  • Load of laundry not dry.  Put on longer. IMG_1938 IMG_1957
  • Sit on floor with Jasper.  Build block towers for him to knock down.  Thinks me clapping at him is hilarious. IMG_1961
  • Leave to fold more laundry.  He is not happy about that.  Nurse.
  • Put Jasper in Jumperoo.  Back to folding.  Not happy.  Put Oprah on.  He loves looking at her.  Is about Octomom.  Get tired just thinking about having that many kids.
  • Wash Sage’s winter coats / snowpants.  Find room in our closet for the Bugaboo pieces we’re not using right now.
  • More laundry.  Ugh.
  • Time to go get Sage. IMG_1964
  • She has applesauce as snack and watches Handy Manny.
  • Jasper goes down for nap.  Put Sage’s freshly cleaned winter stuff in box in closet.  Hopefully will fit her again next year. IMG_1965
  • 30 mins later buzzer goes off on dryer.  Wakes Jasper up.
  • Put him in highchair with a rice cracker.  Put chicken in oven.  Start prepping dinner.  Jasper is fussy so put him on couch with Sage.
  • Geoff gets home.  Jasper is mad.  Back in highchair he goes.  Feed him dinner.  Geoff takes over.
  • I go back to making dinner.  Improvising a pasta sauce with what I have on hand.  Artichokes and wine.  Wish I had some black olives.
  • Jasper screaming again.  I take gulps of white wine.  helps.  :)
  • Am exhausted.  So exhausted.  All the time.
  • We eat. IMG_1993 IMG_2005
  • 6pm Geoff says he’ll take the kids to the park.  Sweet.  Since he’ll be driving I steal the rest of his wine too.  He’s taking the camera.  This should be interesting.
  • Silence.   Bliss.  Feels like Jasper screamed all day.  He’s been so clingy lately.  When we’re home he wants me to carry him around all the time.  When we’re out he’s great.
  • Look at blogs.  Love Dear Lizzy’s post from today.  Want to be her when I grow up.  Pretty sure I’m already older than she is though.  Sigh.
  • Back downstairs and put leftovers away.  Turn on today’s Oprah.
  • Geoff and the kids are back.  Brought me back a Rolo McFlurry but am way too stuffed to eat it.  Goes into freezer.
  • Nurse Jasper…show Geoff the iPad on Oprah.  Look at the pictures Geoff took. IMG_2006 IMG_2009
  • Geoff gets Jasper ready for bed.  Sage comes and cuddles on the couch with me.
  • Wants me to read her story!  We read Miss Nelson is Back.  Twinkle.
  • Finally get around to watching Lost.  Sage comes back for a drink of water.
  • When Lost is done we go to bed.

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