Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Morning

  • 5am Jasper crying.  I go put soother in since I now have to get up to use the bathroom anyways.  Half-heartedly whines off and on for the next hour.IMG_1901
  • 7am I nurse him.  Sage comes into bed too.  Wants to know why I didn’t wear a shirt to bed last night.IMG_1904
  • I get up to make Sage’s lunch.  Go upstairs to get her clothes ready.  Discover that she lied yesterday when she told me she hung the outfits she was trying on back in the closet.
  • Get her breakfast.  Honey Nut Cheerios this morning.
  • Clean Jasper’s nose.  Fun!  Cuddle with him as he is miserable after this.  Put him back on floor.
  • Sage brushes teeth and hair and gets dressed.IMG_1905 IMG_1906
  • She goes walking up and down the driveway to see if she’ll be too cold in her capri’s.  Says it’s good.IMG_1907 IMG_1909
  • We’re ready 10 minutes early so they play together on the floor.  I get my coffee ready, unload and load the dishwasher and start thawing the chicken for tonight.
  • 8:10 leave for bus.IMG_1913
  • Get back and give Jasper breakfast.  Oatmeal and peaches.  Put kettle on.  Zip Jasper into Woombie.  Best invention ever.  Put him down for a nap in his own crib.
  • Start laundry.  Make bed.  Pick up clothes.  Realize my kid’s have way too much stuff.
  • Kettle whistles.  Love that sound.  Upstairs for morning coffee and blogs!
  • Jasper is not sleeping. Crying but tired.  Move him to Sage’s bed so that he can see out the window.  Works.
  • Download cute paper dolls for Sage.  Spend too much time looking at paper crafts.  Finish coffee.IMG_1915
  • Go unload washing machine.  Reload.  Put clothes away.  Think about how much I hate my horrid little laundry room.IMG_1919
  • Do the semi-annual wardrobe shuffle.  Winter clothes go away and summer ones come out.  Try everything on.  Huge pile of things to be given away that I no longer like or fit.  Reload washer again.
  • 11:15 Jasper up. Nurse.  Play on couch.  Read a baby einstein book.  There is a mirror in it that he likes.IMG_1922 IMG_1914 IMG_1924
  • Upstairs to check blogs again.  Put the rubbermaid bins of Sage’s clothes back into her closet.  Sort through the box of shoes for Jasper.  Pull out ones that may fit soon.
  • 12:15 downstairs to give Jasper lunch.  Then give him a rice cracker so I can put more clothes away.  Find more of Sage’s too small clothes to be put in boxes.
  • Jasper not happy.  Practicing his ear-piercing scream.  Thought we were over that.IMG_1926
  • Put him into Jumperoo so that I can eat my sandwich and put Sage’s clean clothes away.  Jasper still not happy but not crying.IMG_1929
  • Talk to Carla quickly on msn.  Jasper still freaking out.  Go get him.
  • 1:15 Jasper goes to bed.  I do more laundry.

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