Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday Afternoon and Pics



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  • 1:45pm-ish.  Finally get around to calling Nathalie back.  She's busy.  Get into shower.  Jasper is awake by the time I'm done.
  • Put him into his highchair with a PC Organics rice cracker so that I can dry my hair a bit and get dressed.
  • Chagen Jasper's diaper.  Poopy.  Get him dressed in outfit #2.  Nurse again.  Let him chew on my cell for a bit when he's done.  New fave activity.
  • Have a snack of Cracked Pepper Triscuits.  Yum.
  • Put Jasper on carpet to play.  Loves chewing on the strap of the nursing pillow I use to cushion his falls.
  • Watch a bit of Duplicity.
  • 3:45 Leave to get Sage.  Get mail on way back.  I put Jasper down for a nap while Sage looks through her message bag.  Sage has milk and cookies for a snack.  I start to read the new House & Home mag.
  • Jasper crying.  Go try to comfort him.  Not working.  Pick him up and rock him.  Not working.  Get frustrated and just put him back down.  He's out within minutes.
  • Finish watching Duplicity.  Remember that I forgot to start boiling the ribs!
  • Sage watches Mary Poppins on the portable DVD player...takes to her room.
  • 5:30 Jasper wakes up.  Feed him dinner.
  • 6:10 Geoff home.  Stand in kitchen and talk while I prep dinner.  Talk at table when we're done eating for a bit.  Me back upstairs to loft to write some more stuff down while Geoff and Jasper play downstairs.  Sage back to finish movie.
  • 7:30 Nurse Jasper again.  Geoff puts him to bed.  Sage comes downstairs for her story and Twinkle Little Star.  Upset that Jasper is already in bed so I tell her she can go in and say goodnight.  Instantly makes her happy.
  • Tries to stick her tongue in my mouth when she kisses me goodnight!  Thinks she's hilarious.
  • Watch CSI:Miami.  Ridiculous episode.  Not sure why we even watch this show anymore.
  • 8:30 We can hear Sage singing french songs to herself in bed.  Loudly.
  • Nat calls back just before 9pm.  I am too tired to answer phone.  Go to bed shortly after
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