Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

  • 2pm Sage is back to watching Mary Poppins again.  I call her school to schedule parent-teacher interview.
  • Jasper goes down for a nap.  Time for 2Peas!
  • Try to figure out how to use Gimp.  I want to edit Ali’s template to make room for more journaling as she did in this post and I just can’t do it.  Very frustrating.
  • Almost 4pm.  Let Sage go wake Jasper up so that we can go get Geoff. IMG_1856IMG_1864
  • Geoff takes some pics on the way home! IMG_1871 IMG_1874
  • Making dinner…Geoff’s favourite..spaghetti.  Geoff feeds Jasper while I’m making sauce. IMG_1880 IMG_1883
  • I finally call Nat back while the water is heating up.  They want to come down May 24 weekend.
  • Dinner done.  I’m back upstairs to write more down.  Paula texts saying they’ll come over tonight to watch Idol.  So strange to have friends nearby again!!  Wonder when we can tell them they’re not allowed to move somewhere else.
  • Geoff and Sage go play outside.  Frisbee tag and hide and seek.
  • I nurse Jasper.  kisses and tickles on the couch.IMG_1895
  • 7:30 bedtime for both kids.  Geoff does story and Twinkle while I tidy kitchen up.IMG_1898
  • Dishwasher loaded and on…and I can relax!IMG_1899
  • Kam and Paula come over at 8:30.  We watch Idol, hang out and chat a bit and a couple episodes of the Office.  Turns out popcorn with just salt on it is pretty good!
  • Geoff and I to bed at 10:30…watch Glee while in bed but I fall asleep.

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