Saturday, April 24, 2010


  • Sage and I hang out in bed with Jasper.  Say to me “Sometimes when Jasper’s hands are cold I don’t like it when I have a big hangover”. Me “What!?” Turns out she thinks the area between her neck and shirt collar is called a hangover.  Phew!
  • Kitchen is a mess but I don’t feel like cleaning it up.
  • Jasper plays on floor while I get Sage breakfast and myself coffee.
  • She makes crafts.  I feed Jasper and leave him to play in his highchair so he can be near Sage.
  • I try to talk to Sage about solar energy.  Tell her that we can use the sun to make power for our homes.  She says “I already know Mom.  I saw it on Handy Manny.  They’re called solar panels.”  Alrighty then.
  • I go up to look at blogs.  Jasper takes a nap.
  • Sage wants to do something together so I can out the big cardboard S I bought ages ago and we cover it in pretty paper and start to make paper flowers.IMG_2155
  • Jasper wakes up.  Play with him on the couch.
  • Turn Oprah on.  Sage very disturbed about the dolphins.
  • Nurse.
  • Jasper comes upstairs with us and we roll more flowers.
  • Geoff is back at noon.
  • We leave for Windsor at 12:30.DSCF7410
  • He gets to go to Florida for training next week.  Am so jealous.
  • Go to Zehrs to get our passport photos done.  Grab lunch there for Geoff and a donut for Sage.  She is thrilled.  I can’t remember ever buying her a donut before.  Junk food is Daddy’s department.
  • I have cramps.
  • Realize that Charlene needs to sign our passport photos so drive into Leamington.
  • Finally make it into Windsor at 2pm.  Wait 1hr at the Passport Office.  Lady who serves us was an old customer of Geoff’s.DSCF7411 DSCF7412 DSCF7414
  • To Starbucks.  Grande light Vanilla Bean Frappuccino’s.  Yum.DSCF7416 DSCF7419
  • Pick up a part for Kam just off Walker Road.
  • Home.
  • Geoff and Sage go get Naples pizza.
  • While they’re gone Jasper has the biggest poop explosion I have ever experienced.  Run around trying to figure out how to get this all cleaned up.DSCF7420
  • Geoff back just as I am done.  Figures.
  • Throw Jasper into tub. Not literally.IMG_2138
  • 8:30 Kam and Paula come over.IMG_2149
  • Geoff and Kam talk movies.  The 50 Year Old Virgin and Cowboy Ugly.  I don’t know what version you saw but mine had girls in it.
  • Midnight.  Off to bed.

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