Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday Afternoon

  • I sit down on the couch to watch The View.  Remember that remote is in bedroom.  Sneak in and get it.
  • Really want the dress Elizabeth Hasselbeck is wearing.
  • Lay down.  Just start to relax and Jasper wakes up.  Only been sleeping for 30 minutes.  Not good.
  • Bring him to the couch to cuddle.  Screams.
  • Go back to bed with him.  Try to get him back to sleep.  He cries.  I cry.
  • I walk away.  Grab drink and go upstairs.  Soon all is quiet.  He’s fallen back to sleep.
  • 3pm  Jasper wakes up.  Mom calls for Sage.
  • Nurse.
  • Sage comes down.  I talk to Dad than to Mom.
  • Put kid’s shows on for Sage…she sits on couch with Jasper.  I can finally shower.
  • More laundry.  Blogs.
  • Start dinner.  Give Jasper a cracker so that I can go straighten my hair.
  • Geoff gets home.  Dinner goes into oven.
  • Geoff feeds Jasper.  We all get ready.IMG_2118 IMG_2114
  • Get to school just on time.  IMG_2126
  • Mme Lapere has good things to say about Sage.  She’s doing well with her numbers and alphabet, french vocab.  Needs to work on waiting her turn!
  • Go after this to Zehr’s to get passport photos taken.  Photo Lab has changed hours and closed early.
  • Place in town closed too.  Go to Superstore in Leamington.  Don’t even have a photo lab.  Go to Walmart.  Just closed.  Ai yi yi.IMG_2125
  • Back home.  Fill out applications.  Takes forever.
  • Geoff takes them over to Charlene to sign.
  • Nurse Jasper and put him to bed.  Way late.
  • Geoff and I watch The Mentalist and Fringe and then to bed.

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