Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let The Blogging Begin

2 days in a row.  Hopefully this is some kind of a fresh start.

Onto the tour of the 2nd and 3rd stories of the former hovel and current home!  So we climb that beautiful staircase from yesterday's post (or soon to be beautiful at least) and at the top of the stairs on the right hand side is this room.  It was most likely used as a master bedroom by the former owners.

American FourSquare style homes typically had 4 equal sized bedrooms and one bathroom on the 2nd story.  At some point in the history of this home, the two bedrooms on the back of the house had been converted to one.  Here is a photo standing almost in the centre of the room.

And another photo of the other side.  There is also a good sized balcony off this room that sits on top of the small mudroom addition on the main floor.

This is the room that has become Sage's bedroom.  It's quite small but it's amazing what we've made fit in there!

And this is the room that is now Jasper's.  Exact same size as Sage's.

Bathroom.  Ugh.  Not a single spec of storage.  Seriously?  Who renovates a bathroom and does that?  Never mind the fact that it feels like we've stepped into a sauna with those floor to ceiling giant tiles.  Or that the window looks directly into our neighbour's window.  Great way to scare away the new neighbours!  And check out the grungy floor tile.  From what we can tell, this place sat empty for around a year before we bought it.

I don't have a picture of the landing but it was nothing special.  There is no linen closet in this house so we're trying to come up with the best plan to incorporate one.  I LOVE this linen chest from Ikea...sadly they no longer make it in yellow.

Now onto the 3rd story.  Very bad shot of the very black "loft".  It's not a loft, I have no idea why everyone refers to the 3rd story in these homes as one.  There are closets on either side of the staircase which is a nice bonus.  Only one of them has been completed but it's not a big deal for my very handy hubby to finish the other one.  Disgusting pee? stained floor and oddly off-centre fireplace.

Back view.  No she ain't pretty.  We're still not entirely sure what our plans for the back are.  The deck needs to be re-built.  It's so high that we can see right into our neighbour's yards.  The windows in the addition are coming out when we turn it into a mudroom.  The plan is for wall to wall closets on the far right and a narrow pantry on the left.  The metal roof and railing will come off the balcony and be replaced with some wood and chunky to match what we do to the front.

And there you have it!  I look back now on what it looked like when we bought it and think that we must have been crazy.  We put an offer in at the beginning of June and got possession on June 21.  Spent 3 weeks doing more work than we even imagined possible and moved in July 16th!  I'll post pics tomorrow of what some of the reno work looked like.  We are still so far from being anywhere near done but it's light years away from what it looked like here.  Well the interior anyways!

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