Monday, August 2, 2010


Since there has been no progress on getting our house torn down or getting our remaining contents assessed, Geoff and I have been spending our free time dreaming of the kind of home we would like to build.  We live in a neighbourhood a few streets up from the water full of 100+ year old cottages.  Our neighbourhood seems to be split 50/50 with people who take excellent care of their homes and ones that do nothing at all.

We dream of starkly modern homes, flat roofs, floor to ceiling windows, single pitch roofs, stone and stucco exteriors.  Do we know that these designs will stick out in our area?  Yes.  Do we care?  Not really.  We have no plans to move.  This will be the home we are in for the long haul.  Plus, there is a certain amount of creative freedom we feel able to take seeing as how this is not our hard earned money that will be put into the house.  We’re not going to be stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for a home that may not sell.  Our current mortgage will not change at all and we’re going to end up with a bigger house out of the deal.  Even if our circumstances change and we end up having to move, the new home will most definitely sell for more than our previous one so we can’t lose!  Or so we hope.

So…here’s the plan we’re 90% decided on.  There are a few changes to be made…the upstairs will have a large portion of the deck turned into a 3rd bedroom leaving the downstairs bedroom to be turned into an office.  A basement will be added, more built-in closets and moving some bathrooms around.  Also adding more of a proper interior entrance way.  But we love it.  It’s modern but can be warmed up.  The exterior will be left very similar to the picture.  Grey stucco or stone panels (handy having a husband that works with stone!), the red will be a warm barn red out of board and batten.  Tall grasses planted in the front planter for privacy.  We are so excited.

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