Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Month

One month today since we lost our home.  Hard to believe we are now in our 5th week of being homeless.  Yesterday we actually had somebody from the construction company that contracts for our insurance company show up at the house for the very first time!!!  If it takes them a month just to show up to give us a quote on building us a new home I shudder to think at how long it will take them to actually do the work.
Still living with the MIL and her husband.  She’s been great…him not so much.  Doesn’t take too well to our kids.  Have been calling every rental property we find but absolutely none will rent to us short-term.  Getting desperate as the husband has told us he doesn’t want us to stay here anymore.
Kids are doing better.  Sage is re-adjusting and not acting out as much as she was the first couple weeks.  Big trauma for such a little girl.  Jasper is back to his old self as well.  Not screaming nearly so much.  But is crawling now and there is lots and lots of clutter in this house which is a baby disaster!  He keeps me on my toes!

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