Monday, October 10, 2011

We Have Progress!

We've had a very busy long weekend around here!  It feels like we've had so much going on lately that all the house projects have been put on the back burner.  Either Geoff has been working late or on weekends, or we've had company, or we've had to go away.  Not anymore!  Here's what we accomplished this weekend:

Carport when we moved in.

Newly enclosed garage on Sunday morning

Garage on Sunday afternoon.  I did the majority of priming myself!  And I'm married to a former that I think of it, I'm not actually sure what he was doing while I was priming.  Hmmm.

Garage on Monday night!  After 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Midnight Blue (BM1638) and 2 coats of Devoe Safety Yellow on the door.  The Midnight Blue is definitely a dark grey...does have blue-ish tones when it's in the shade.

Geoff thought adding Jasper's car to the picture would be appropriate staging.  I am LOVING the dark grey with white trim and the bright yellow door.  It feels so fresh!  Having the garage finally closed in makes such a huge difference in the feel of our backyard.  And it's so much nicer to look out the back windows and see a structure instead of right through to the alley!  Though I must say that the garage looks so nice now that our boring brown house is looking even duller.  We're thinking about painting the siding this year instead of next if our amazing weather holds out.

Can't wait til next spring when we can do some of now the plans are to bust up all that ugly concrete and do some nice tumbled cobblestone pavers...there needs to be a pop of colour on the left side...can't wait to visit some nurseries!

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