Friday, October 21, 2011

Art Attack

Our new house has a window or a door on every single wall.  Along with awkward light switch placement.  Combine this with the completely different feel we are going for in this place compared to our last one and it all adds up to mean that almost none of the artwork we own already is going to work.  I'll still use most of it...just not in the main living areas.

The big gallery wall we had in our old house just isn't doable here...there are no large walls!  I still love the look and feel of gallery walls..we're just going to have to do it on a much smaller scale.

Original art just isn't in our budget...frankly I don't think I know many people whose budget it is in!  I'm a huge HomeSense fan but I really want more of a personal feel than what their pieces seem to have lately.  And we need a lot of new art...not just a piece or two.  Lots of new art would cost a fortune.  So...with all the pinning I've been doing lately...I figured I'd give making my own art a shot!  I am so not a crafty person...this is all very new to me.

Here are a few of the images that I've been loving.

This is gorgeous.  And seems relatively simple to make.  But large...way too large for our walls.

These are perfect!  I can just imagine a wall covered in a whole bunch.

Love this.  I'm sure it's not nearly as easy to replicate as it looks...but sure would be fun to try.

Would be so fun to do this with Sage.  She's always begging to do crafty stuff with me.  She'd be in heaven.

This is probably beyond my barely-can-draw-stick-people abilities but I LOVE them.  I would buy one in a second if her shop were still open.

So just this morning I ordered myself a whole bunch of canvases and paints from De Serres.  Eek.  I was actually shocked at how great their prices are...for some reason I was expecting canvases to be really expensive.  I bought 18 mini canvases to attempt to make something like in picture #2.  I also got 5 larger canvases.  Have no idea what I'm going to make with them yet..probably something that Sage can help with too.  Let's hope it all turns out!

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