Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Piece by Piece

There is not one single room in our house that is anywhere close to being done but that is ok.  I've done a little bit of decorating here and there just to tide me over til we can get to the good stuff!

I have 2 typed pages of Short Term and Long Term To Do items...so the end is nowhere in sight!  There is painting, sanding, trim fixer-uppering to do in every room.  Along with all the other little quirks that need to be addressed.  Oh well...now that the garage is done we can focus our attention on the inside again!  Well the garage is almost done...still need to have someone come out to put up facia and eavestroughs.

Here are some of the rooms that I've been finding inspiring when it comes to doing our living room.  We've decided on white walls and trim for the majority of the main floor.  I love the bright yellow painted doors against the white in this first picture.

I love everything about this next image.  The turquoise chevron curtains.  The yellow flowered chair.  The Ikea Lack shelf (that is sadly no longer made).  All combined with vintage elements and natural wood tones.  Very much the kind of look I would like to have.

These next two are both Jonathan Adler designed rooms in one of Liz Lange's houses.  The turquoise with the black and white and yellow accents make me happy just looking at them!

This last room is a nursery but has all the crazy colour and layers of textures that I am LOVING right now.  Maybe it's because of all the stress we've dealt with this last year but both Geoff and I just want our house to be bright and colourful and fun!  Our last house had lots of neutrals and we have absolutely no desire to go that route again.

So with all those gorgeous images in mind, don't judge this last one too harshly!  The walls only have primer on them so we still can't hang any artwork but I'm slowly getting the bones of the room together.

The couch won't stay white.  I have big plans to dye it grey.  Eek.  Hope it turns out.  I love the look of the white couch but I'm too scared to let my children anywhere near it!  And I have no desire to live that way so grey it will be.

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  1. Hi, I just saw your comment about your white sofa, here is what I do. Looks like its from Ikea so I bought two of the sofa covers, both white. I have kids, dogs ect, yes they get dirty but once a month I just wash them in my front load washer, use - little oxy clean I do the big cover in one load and the cushions in the next. I try to put them on when they are damp, this helps also two people. If I don't have time for this I pop on the second cover. I live on a farm, lots a mud dirt ect. I love my white sofa, chair , and chase lounge! Sometimes During mud season I put a large white cotton blanket over them to make them last a while longer till laundry day!
    Good luck!