Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mine, Mine, Mine

Our anniversary is coming up next weekend and as a present, Geoff took me to Ikea last weekend and let me pick out cabinets and desktops to turn our loft into a scrapbooking area for me. We have been married for 6 years and for that entire time we have done drastic and major renovations on our 110+ year old house. Decorating the loft..which cannot be seen from the main floor...was frankly the least of my worries about this place. So up here got thrown our too small desk which was really only good for putting the computer on..some random boxes and our old kitchen table that Sage used for crafts. It was a disaster. There was no place to put anything so I gave up even trying after awhile. Pretty much the only time I tidied it up was when we were having company!

So we came home with the majority of what I needed..some things were not in stock and others I realized we're going to have to change around a bit after actually getting this stuff together but for the most part I have a space. Until we started assembling this area..I say we but really it was all Geoff..I had no idea how much I missed having a spot of my own. We live in a small, open plan house so there has never been an area where I can say this is my place. It has been oddly freeing..I feel as if I've reclaimed a piece of myself that has been missing for a long time. I love being a stay at home mom but it has left me with the feeling that all of our stuff is Geoff's..he would tell you that is ridiculous and he's right..he has never ever made me feel that way.'s not ready yet..there are more cabinets to come and then I will begin all the decorating details but it's already amazing to have a place where I can just be.

Since I can't have a blog post with no picture, here is a quick little page I did last night..

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